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Enter Patient Demographics:

We enter the details, as provided by your office, on all patients entered into the billing system.

Enter Charges For Office Visits And Procedures:

We enter all Superbills/encounter forms into the medical billing system.

Transmit Electronic Medical Billing Claims And/Or Mail Paper Claims:

We transmit medical billing claims electronically where possible. If the medical insurance company doesn't accept electronic claims, we print the claim and mail it to the insurance company.

Receive Audit Reports Within 24 Hours Of Electronic Medical Billing Submission:

Our medical billing software receives audit reports from the clearinghouse with notification of errors or omissions in the claims.

Track Unpaid Medical Billing Claims And Resubmit When Necessary:

If we have not received an EOB within 30 days of the last billing date, we resubmit the claim.

Notify Your Office Regarding "Incomplete Medical Claims" That Did Not Process:

We notify your office immediately if claim information is incomplete. Once your office submits amended claim information to us, we resubmit immediately.

To facilitate a streamlined transition process, our medical billing services include the physician/client in the process so that everyone can understand each other's needs and conform to each other's requirements.

The transition to our medical billing services is seamless and simple. Our medical billing services provide an implementation system to ensure a smooth transition:

Account Executive assigned - communications established:

A knowledgeable Medical Billing Account Executive is assigned to your account.

The Account Executive guides you through the implementation phase and serves as the liaison between you and the medical billing team assigned to your account. Once your account is active, your Account Executive will call you at regularly scheduled intervals to stay current with your needs and requirements, and is always available for consultation by telephone or email during regular business hours.

We gather the necessary account set-up information, including Physician's names, Tax ID's, PIN #'s, passwords and usernames and input them onto a secure network using advanced encryption technology.

Set-up computers for remote access and file- transfer system:

Our medical billing services provide the physician with full access to all your medical billing information. We then provide a file-transfer system, so you can electronically transfer your files (superbills, EOBs, etc.) to us.

Provide preliminary training to office staff on basic use of scheduling/billing system:

Your Account Executive provides you and your office staff with training on the basics of how to use the billing/scheduling software. Additional assistance is always available for technical support 24/7.

Determine requirements for financial reports:

Our medical billing services offer a variety of financial reports based on your needs. Your Account Executive will demonstrate the selection of available financial reports and help you determine which reports you are interested in receiving.

Coordinate roles and responsibilities:

Your Account Executive will sit down with you and your office staff and coordinate the roles and responsibilities on both sides. We handle the entire process for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your practice. Once your system has been configured and installed, our medical billing specialists provide you with the following complete medical billing services on an on-going basis.

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